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Tandem Kayak Adventure

Quick Details

Person Ages 7+

Take on the mighty Yampa river with no worries!

Ride in the front of our double kayak with a professional guide in the back. No experience needed, you just need to be under 200 lbs.

Our tandem kayak trip takes you through the upper section of the yampa where you can take in all the scenery and wildlife. Once past the 3 mile mark the river starts to gain gradient and more flow from side tributaries such as fish creek. We will take you through 5 man made river wide holes and end with the biggest one.

The customer sits in the front of the tandem kayak and the guide in the back. If you do go upside down you simply let go of your paddle, lean forward and the guide rolls you straight up.

It is a high performance trip carving in and out of eddies and finishing with tail stands, which put you high in the air. This is a must for someone looking for a thrill with little consequence.

Tandem kayaking is also an excellent way to learn some basic kayaking skills yourself or to find out what it’s all about. After this trip you might want to try our river kayak lesson and get in a boat by yourself.

We will travel around 7 miles from the upper city limits down past town ending at the steamboat transit center.